Shop local and support independent businesses this Christmas

The evenings are dark, the lights are on and Christmas shopping is well and truly underway. I'm delighted to announce the opening of a Pop Up Shop in collaboration with two creative business owner- friends!

At No.1 Madford Lane, Launceston you'll find Red Cow - a wonderfully quaint little shop that's owned by Jeanette Neale. She's transformed it into a cosy creative space that's perfect for the crafty workshops she holds, along with a collection of beautiful craft kits to purchase. 
This year she has invited myself and Mandee Beazley from Beazhive to fill the shop with a variety of our own products, making it a wonderful place for getting your Christmas gifts whilst also supporting local, independent businesses. Since opening we have decided to extend the dates through December so we'll be there for those last minute purchases!

Mandee is super talented. She creates gorgeous designs and then paints each one BY HAND onto reclaimed wood, producing a range of beautiful signs to decorate your home and the homes of your loved ones!

You'll find a wide selection of my illustrated cards and fine art prints, along with my notepads and handmade botanical print earrings too. I'll also be selling a few new designs which haven't yet made it into my online shops.

So if you're local to Launceston we'd love to have you drop by!


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