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Whilst having a break from all things 'Leah and Libby' over the Christmas holiday's and pondering where I wanted it to lead me in 2020, I couldn't get away from the feeling that I desired it to enable me to reach out and help others in a more practical way.

Leah's painting inspired by a photo of a rescued kangaroo hugging her carer


I'm sure you've heard about the devastating fires that are raging in Australia right now. To be honest, I hadn't paid much attention to it until the 3rd Jan when I happened across an Instagram account run by a high profile comedian in Australia who has family living in Eden, NSW that were in desperate need of help as the fires grew closer. She set up a fundraising page for the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades and the donations currently stand at £23 MILLION! (That's 44 Million AU Dollars!!)


As I started to follow all that was happening I knew that I wanted to use Leah and Libby to contribute some way in helping those who are working tirelessly amid the difficult circumstances. With so much money already being raised for the fire services I began looking at other organisations directly helping.

Salvos' Emergency Services active in the bushfire crisis in three states as the New Year turns

The Salvation Army Volunteers are currently manning a number of evacuation centres and also have Emergency Services teams serving up to 600 meals a day to emergency services personnel battling bushfires. Their work is essential for taking care of so many people who are being affected directly by all that's happening. 
You can read more about their amazing work here:

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in New South Wales helps to conserve the Koala species which is at threat due to the destruction of their habitats. Not only do they treat and care for the animals (including some recent bushfire survivors) they also run a project that plants a variety of Eucalypts trees. A lot of their work is done by dedicated volunteers.
You can read more about their amazing work here:

With all of this in mind, I've decided that ALL profit from EVERY sale until midnight on Sunday 12th January will be donated to these two organisations and I'm throwing in a cheeky 20% discount for you all too.

With your support I'll also be buying some trees to plant and adopting a rescued Koala as a surprise for Libby, who has been showing so much concern, asking all the questions and praying for the people and animals in Australia every night at bedtime.
I want her to see how we can actively help others, even if they're on the other side of the world.

So please consider buying some of your favourite products from my shop this week, as you'll not only have something for yourself but your money will be helping so many others.

With my gratitude and love,


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